What's it gonna be then, eh?

Droning On

I’ve been keeping myself busy for the last couple of weeks with making this blog look better and migrating from bashblog to Hugo.

I feel like the “advent” of static site generators has put the fun back into making and maintaining personal websites like this one, and while there seems to be no shortage of homebrewed solutions (which are very tempting to try, but if I did I’d never get anything posted) I opted for Hugo because it seemed the more “complete” out of the box, I suppose. Or rather, it didn’t require as much effort as one of the many homebrews out there to make things work and look the way I want them to.

And while it’s true that documentation and community are not as good as I believe they could be, one is still able to get things going.

What I definitely was not expecting was that setting up Drone CI would be as cumbersome as it turned out to be.
90% of my time has been devoted to getting the damn thing to work: combing through its seemingly outdated docs, finding through trial and error that some of its plugins are broken in one way or another (particularly the Hugo plugin…), and solving other smaller niggles with much help from others around me in tilde irc.
I would have enlisted the help of other in Drone’s own irc but they use gitter, strike one; and their discourse forum is full of old and/or unanswered posts, strike two. I guess I should be happy they at least have a chatroom, the Hugo crowd seems to think irc is a breeding pit for terrorists but more on that in a future post…

So here it is, a Hugo blog generated from a (tilde)git repo using Drone. I will publish a proper write up in my “tech and coding” blog soon. Oh yes, I went crazy and made several of these, in addition to my preexisting Spanish blog. I’ll be taking that one off Gitlab soon enough.