What's it gonna be then, eh?

Business as usual

I am now keeping 4, that’s right 4, blogs. That’s pretty close to being a lot, I think. I’ll see how long I can keep this up.
Fortunately this isn’t the kind of thing where I have to constantly be chugging out content or something, after all these are all mine. Post what I want when I want or can, slow movement style.

This ties in to something I mentioned in an earlier post about putting the joy back into making websites and creating this kind of content, but it’s also part of a running theme with me. I’ve actually spent more time getting everything looking pretty than I have putting up stuff for people to read, much like I do with my dotfiles1. I’ll get a really sick workflow going, but do very little work afterwards…

Sure, it’s procrastination. And sometimes I do feel kinda bad at the end of the day because I spent it tweaking and polishing instead of getting actual work done, but I’ve been trying to not beat myself up about it too much.

And its FUN. Seriously, it is. I have FUN on the terminal, making it look good and fiddling around with shit. And I’ve been having actual fun making websites again, even if they’re just for me. I can’t recall when was the last time I actually enjoyed myself putting together a website. It’s all been work crap, dealing with people’s Wordpress installs (why on earth is it still a thing?!), and downloading endless dependencies for every pointless line of dumpsterFire.js or whatever people are tacking on in their sites to get shit they either don’t need or could do in other ways these days.

So this has been good and needed. Pretty websites that actually work and have stuff for you to look at and aren’t crap. Or don’t look like crap anyway, heh.

You can find them all linked on the home page, give them a look if you have the chance.

  1. https://tilde.club/~dgy ↩︎