What's it gonna be then, eh?

Where the Action Never Stops

I’ve using Hugo pretty heavily this year, even before coming to the Tildeverse. Most (if not all) of my tricks were learned from a combination of cannibalizing existing themes and looking stuff up in search engines because the project’s documentation is good in some areas but kinda sparse in others.
Naturally this made me think “where does the Hugo community gather? They probably have a chat room somewhere”

The “community” link on Hugo’s website leads you to a Discourse forum where a lot of questions either go unanswered or have links to their docs page without much context.

The only other place one could turn to is the issue tracker on their Github repo, which is for an entirely different type of support.

A forum search for “irc” led me to this thread1 where a user asks if there’s an official irc channel. This is the answer marked as solution:

… You could argue that an IRC channel could somehow be self-supportive, but if you mark it as official we need to moderate it to make sure it does not turn into a “bomb making” (or something else illegal) forum

The thread then immediately devolved into name calling and such so it’s been since locked but I really have to ask, where did this 1996 “dangers of the internet” old lady mentality come from?

The OP does quip that the Hugo devs involved in the thread “don’t know what irc is or how it works”, and I don’t know if I should agree or ask if there’s another story behind this type of answer.
They certainly know what moderation is, at least forum-wise.

Meanwhile, I’m hopping back on irc to be gay and do crimes.

  1. https://discourse.gohugo.io/t/is-there-a-reason-why-there-is-no-official-irc-channel/27322 ↩︎